Coupe Icare in St. Hilaire

This year was the first time we went to Coupe Icare and most of all we were amazed by the size of this event  (90’000 spectators). Despite the cold weather thousands of pilots came to this bright and colourful festival. It was so much fun to fly for such a big crowd of people. However it was not only about acro, there were paramotors, deltas, planes and of course the famous disguised paragliding pilots. Every evening there were light shows or you could let lampions fly. The highlight was definitely our heli drop. You can see a short video below. At this point we would like to thank the organisation of the Coupe Icare for giving us this great opportunity. It was absolutely fantastic to see everyone again before winter. What a great end of season event, we will surely return next year.

Organya & Lago di Garda

      Just like Lea, I as well had to recover from my knee injury last year. However the whole thing did take longer than expected, which is why I did not feel well enough to compete this year. So while Lea took the challenge and went to the comps I enjoyed some relaxing holidays in Organya and Garda. Organya I had hear you could fly endless hours without having to land, which did sound quite tempting to me as take-off & landings bear the highest risks w11215808_10207403759869339_1235447121007561592_nith my shattered knee. Yes and after a few days of parawaiting for the perfect conditions the magic was on and I enjoyed some perfect Organya days 🙂 The flying there truely is fantastic and you get a lot more practice in a short time, however you shouldn’t be afraid of flying in strong thermal conditions with a pretty scary power line close by, haha. Beeing able to topland helps as well, you can fly much longer if you can have a little break at some stage. Well for me Organya was worth it, I met lots of lovely people, got a lot of practice and valuable tipps to improve my flying – I guess I will return!11988562_10207403815590732_8116188703668361366_n

After Organy11988571_10207403761109370_8928901042531692351_na it was Garda time. Some friends had already stayed there for a few days and I joined up with them. Sudden switch from Organya lifestyle – staying up late/ getting up late/ flying until late – to getting up bloody early, needing more time to do runs and go to bed early :-11986312_10207403759389327_2240839525361296845_n) But still training over the lake is a lot of fun! Stil11990434_10207403762749411_2643561723556914507_nl my knee is not quite where it should be and walking too much does not help it… – keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better soon!

11951190_10207403817150771_1389968895706186969_nWell now I am looking forward to flying at Coupe Icare and going to Ölüdeniz for some more practice.10481754_10207403762309400_7513819664224276316_n

Thanks to everyone who has made this holiday such an unforgettable one! Here a short summary of my flying during th11988292_10207403817270774_1120093008017374095_nose two weeks:
Organya & Garda


Great training @ Klewenalp

What a weekend! Despite the pessimistic weather forecast  (west and north-east wind (Bise)) we could fly the entire weekend at Klewenalp. Lea and me could improve our sat rodeo 2 synchro spiral transition and yves took lots of videos (to be seen sometime late summer!).



Soul food for rainy days…

Just watched our Namibia video again and reminisced about this great holiday. Sun, friends and the biggest playground I have ever seen in my life.

One of the most beautiful flights for me was the one at the red dunes…after a really exhausting take off (kiting up this huge & steep hill of sand in the burning heat of the desert) a simply amazing and breathtaking flight in the sunset.

However Namibia was not only about flying but also about sharing an adventurous roadtrip through a country none of us had ever been to before. Seeing monkeys, zebras, oryx, making barbecues and counting the millions of stars in the seemingly perfect Namibian sky. I just absolutly fell in love with this country and hope to return to it sometime soon!

Reflections on my first & second rescue

The first video below shows my very first rescue, last year. It’s actually pretty much 1 year ago and happened while training helico. I still remember this day very well as nothing really wanted to work and I was trying flight by flight to get it right. Then during the last flight, I think it was my 7th or so, I got a cravat quite low and quickly decided to throw my rescue. Because I was twisted on my beamer I could not steer it and landed in a tree. Luckily there are so-called tree climbers who could then rescue me with their special equipment.

My second rescue happened only shortly after. It was during a little show at Robair. Basically I didn’t attach the smoke bomb correctly and got burned on my foot during helico. While I tried to loosen my shoe I got a really bad oscillation, which I couldn’t handle at that time. Then, while throwing my rescue the cravat reopened…but I like to say that ”I prefer to throw it too often than too few”.

Rescue tree landing (2013)