Reflections on my first & second rescue

The first video below shows my very first rescue, last year. It’s actually pretty much 1 year ago and happened while training helico. I still remember this day very well as nothing really wanted to work and I was trying flight by flight to get it right. Then during the last flight, I think it was my 7th or so, I got a cravat quite low and quickly decided to throw my rescue. Because I was twisted on my beamer I could not steer it and landed in a tree. Luckily there are so-called tree climbers who could then rescue me with their special equipment.

My second rescue happened only shortly after. It was during a little show at Robair. Basically I didn’t attach the smoke bomb correctly and got burned on my foot during helico. While I tried to loosen my shoe I got a really bad oscillation, which I couldn’t handle at that time. Then, while throwing my rescue the cravat reopened…but I like to say that ”I prefer to throw it too often than too few”.

Rescue tree landing (2013)

New Season, New Team

At the beginning of this year we started training synchro and decided that flying together and therefore sharing all these wonderful acro paragliding moments completely is our thing. Ever since we have decided to start season 2014 as a synchro team we have been trying to figure out a proper name. Then, last week, we finally came up with “SkyDancers” – Why “SkyDancers”? Well because for us, flying acro is like dancing in the sky. The most difficult part is to get the choreography so smooth that it seems as if it was the easiest thing in the world.
Well now, enough talking – enjoy our Season’s trailer!