Finally, since thursday the cable car at Klewenalp is operating again and the water temperature of the lake is warm 15 °C. Let’s go!!! But then, although the weather forecast was great, the take off was wrapped in some nasty thick clouds and we had to wait… and wait… and wait. And after 5 hours of waiting, finally, there were some holes in the cloud and off we went. And I could finally start to fly again a maneuver I was waiting for the whole winter, McTwist :-). And then, inspired by a colleague, I tried to fly my first twisters, and hey, it worked!!!
These first two days were just so amazing. The only thing missing was Julia, who couldn’t be there :-(, so no synchro action this time. But hey, there are many more weekends to come this year and some holidays in Ölüdeniz. So watch out for more news!

vlcsnap-2014-06-01-19h24m57s5 vlcsnap-2014-06-01-19h28m28s59

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