pause_sign_goOnly recently started, we already have to press pause on our synchro plans :(. We had a great last run of the day where we tried some new things and they worked on the first try. But then, I had a really bad landing on my behind. After my first flight in a helicopter, which I’d have hoped to be under different circumstances, they found that I had fractured two vertebras. Fortunately, the fractures are stable so far and everything else is fine. But I’ll still have to take some time to recover, which means that our plans to compete the first time at the Swiss Championships will have to wait until 2015. See you soon back in the sky! Lea

One thought on “On Pause

  1. Uiuiui Lea!
    Wünsche dir ganz guäti und schnelli Genesig, viel Geduld mit dir selber und dann wieder baldigi Höhäflüg!!
    See you in the sky, all the best

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